Los Angeles, California- The City of Stars and Gemstones!

Welcome to Gold Silver and Gems!

Located in Los Angeles, California. Opened in 2014.

Do you ever feel like you want to wear beautiful gems but in a new and different way? Do you ever feel like you want to own something different, that very few people have?

That is the vision for Gold Silver and Gems: beautiful gemstones wearable in a whole new way, and versatile settings with unusual, beautiful, and rare gemstones. A gemstone isn't just a stone, or a rock ,or a piece of plastic/glass with color. A natural gemstone is art formed by the earth, perfect with every imperfection, many many years old. The story of each gemstone is the visual story told by each piece of our jewelry, and we are so happy to share these stories with you.

Unlike mass manufactured gemstones, many of our gemstones are polished by hand by us in Los Angeles, California. We take the time and care to careful select gemstone rough and polish and set it in a way that best highlights its unique properties: this is the Gold Silver and Gems difference.

We value your business, and are willing to work hard to make sure you know that. That is our promise.

Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy our collection as much as we do!

- Gold Silver and Gems